Mitigation and Licensing

If an Ecological Scoping Survey or Ecological Impact Assessment finds that a proposed development will have an impact on habitats of conservation importance and/ or Protected Species, we can design and implement suitable mitigation to support planning applications, address planning conditions and secure planning consent.

If Protected Species are associated with a proposed development, a European Protected Species (EPS) License, detailing appropriate mitigation, may be required. We will apply for this license on your behalf and undertake all planning, implementation and monitoring associated with the required mitigation.

Mitigation strategies are project specific depending on the ecology of the proposed development site and surroundings. Some common examples of mitigation are given below:

  • Excluding bats from buildings and trees and installing bat boxes on or off site to provide alternative roosting habitat
  • Excluding Great crested newts and reptiles from a site, by means of habitat modification and trapping, translocating animals to alternative suitable locations and creating new habitats including ponds, refugia and hibernacula, and scrubland
  • Closure of Badger setts and translocation of animals to alternative man-made setts on or off site

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