Ecological Impact Assessment

Under EU legislation, development projects that are likely to have significant environmental impacts must undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) before development consent can be considered.

An Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) forms part of the EIA and is submitted with the planning application as a chapter in the Environmental Statement (ES), or as a separate report.

EcIA is a process of identifying, quantifying and evaluating the potential ecological impact of a development. The findings of an assessment help competent authorities to understand ecological issues when determining applications for consent.

While smaller developments, including renovations to private dwellings,  may still require an assessment of ecological impact on habitats and protected species, the process is much simpler than that of a formal EcIA. We can lead you through the process however small or large your project may be.

To ensure compliance with EU and UK legislation, we follow the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management’s Guidelines for Ecological Impact Assessment.

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